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Our success will be shipped in the Yijia group of workers in autumn

View: Date:2016-3-29 17:27:37

On October 9, Shouguang City Sports Center Stadium, with the athletes march passionate melody, Yijia group the eleventh autumn workers sports will be held here, the current labour movement will I sent a company of "Jiadi Ao billion" team struggle and mutual cooperation ultimately achieve "Yijia run cross-country, men's 4x100 meters relay and so on six Games champion.

This year's games will be a total of seven teams nearly 400 athletes participating, in addition to the regular exercise project, this year's sports will also to break the traditional, the new caterpillar racing, together, running Qiankun, solidarity, happy feet, exchequer billow, the tortoise and the hare, fun sports project. Seemingly simple interest behind the project is hidden deep connotation, small project not only become team members know deepen, promote a strong starting point for the feelings of the team members, has also become the cohesion of the people, to create a harmonious atmosphere of the best channel.

Through this movement will be active in the cultural life of workers, to strengthen the exchange of mutual. At the same time, establish a good image of the industry, enhance the social impact of our company

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