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"Yijia" red dressed appearance, Diao stunning Farm Machinery Exhibition

View: Date:2016-3-29 17:28:34

2015 China Qingdao International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in October 26-28 in Qingdao International Expo Center, the international agricultural exhibition after many years of development, has become the "first in Asia, the world famous" professional international exhibition. With a strong lineup of Ao billion Jiadi carefully selected eight boutique grand debut.

Booth design show ingenuity, simple atmosphere

Jiadi Ao billion as a new brand of China's agricultural machinery industry, for the exhibition, careful planning, selected indoor gold position: A45 to "billion Jiadi Ao, Dream China" as the theme of the exhibition, "Kerry billion red" tones and ingenuity of conceptual modeling, exquisite design, layout simple atmosphere, this is Ao Jiadi billion after 2014 Wuhan farm machinery exhibition once again officially unveiled.

Products show heavy attack, high-quality goods

Billion Jiadi Ao exhibits in the exhibition have eight, namely: YJ-554, YJ-704, YJ-1004, YJ-1254D, YJ-1254DA, YJ-1354F, YJ-1454, YJ-1504, each product in technology and market performance are quite representative of eight models are "Jiayi red" color for the audience's eyes. "Diao" brand tractor with product technology continues to improve, and constantly improve the reliability of the. From the engine, transmission system, hydraulic system, electrical system and other chassis components reliability technology has been further developed. The establishment of covering parts of the workshop, the shape of the product for the protection of the development and appearance of perfect; and the safety of the cab, sealing, comfort for further improvement, so that the noise is greatly reduced. Gradually formed a brand advantage in some areas.

Samples of the crowds, merchants gathered, at the beginning of the show, before the prototype gathered the a number of dealers and large agricultural machinery. They have come up with a cell phone or camera to the prototype one one pictures, and detailed inquiries about the product performance. Some customers have focused on the prototype of the nameplate, careful research and recording parameters and performance. A from Qingdao local customers of the company YJ-1354F high interest. Last year, he bought one of our company car 1254. In less than two years time, has to recover the cost, now considered to re start a car, to ye both do it together. Excellent product quality, excellent after-sales service, reasonable price positioning, he says, is, and the symbol of a red day fire "Jiayi red" let him choose the Diao.

Since the beginning of this year, China's agricultural market presents many new characteristics: benefit market picks up, structural adjustment of market demand, growth slowed, mainstream market bottomed out and so on, which from different angles interpretation of the various manifestations of market of our country agriculture machinery new normal. In order to adapt to the new normal agricultural market, billion Jiadi Ao continue to develop new products and improvements in a timely manner craft products, improve product lines, improve the internal management level, in the first three quarters of this year, billion Jiadi Ao still maintained a healthy and stable development momentum, sales and profits compared with last year compared to the same period has a substantial growth. Future billion Jiadi Ao must rely on scientific management mode to break through development and billion Jiadi Ao Hongding can be popular in the country, "billion Jiadi Ao, Dream China" dream will come true in the end.

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