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Dream together win-win billion held the 2016 annual meeting of Commerce Jiadi Ao

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Yangfan contrarian step Ariel, concerted efforts to win the future. January 13, "together to build the dream together and win-win" as the theme of Shandong billion Jiadi Ao 2016 business year will successfully held in Jinan. Mr. Han Yongping, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau, executive chairman and Secretary General Mr. Wu Zhaoming of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, the Shandong provincial government agricultural expert advisory group leader, vice president of agricultural division of Shandong Province Agricultural Circulation Association Mr. Dong Youfu, Shandong Academy of agricultural machinery testing station of Mr. Meng Fanji, Weifang municipal agricultural machinery bureau Party Secretary director, Mr. Xu Mingjun, Mr. Zhang Lezhou, deputy director of the Weifang Municipal Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Mr. Chen Zhijun, director of Shandong University Professor Dr. EMBA center tutor, field test, the International Machinery Association chairman, Qingdao Agricultural University Dean, doctoral tutor, Professor Shang Shuqi, Shandong Provincial People's Congress, Yijia agrochemical group chairman of miss Zhu Ailing, executive director of Mr. Zhang Zhaoshui, the general manager Mr. Yu Xintang Ao Jiadi billion And billion Jiadi Ao deputy general manager Mr. Bai Xinglai, Mr. Ma Shengtian and billion Jiadi Ao the dealers on behalf of more than 268 people and suppliers on behalf of more than 116 people attended the meeting and share the brand story of 2015, Diao, sailing together for, win-win future.

Conference at the scene, Shandong Yijia agrochemicals Group Chairman Zhu Ailing first welcome words: 2015, Shandong billion Jiadi Ao in your company through the extraordinary one year. In 2015, we are also in the agricultural machinery industry development in the face of adversity fighting together, beyond the self, dream a year of growth. Today's business in both we share in 2015, Diao "brand story, and" Diao "of a Thanksgiving action of the social friends from all walks of life. At the same time we sail together in 2016, win the future launch ceremony. She expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the arrival of the guests.

Subsequently, the general manager Yu Xintang Ao Jiadi billion to the general assembly for the "2015 annual work report". In 2015 China agricultural news for inventory and Chinese tractor market were reviewed. In the dietary supplement that with "production and operation, the results are remarkable, product innovation and remarkable achievements, steady improvement in the after-sales service, the company management is standardized and orderly" to summarize the billion Jiadi Ao 2015 the main industry and trade for. By the end of December 2015, "Diao" product sales reached 2364 units, sales exceeded 238 million yuan, the rate of return reached 94%; the sales channels of high quality network reached 168, compared to the same period in 2014 increased 62; completed in three docking technology of engine and test equipment, 30-80 and HP in drag production line, and has a production capacity the year 2015; company customer service service travel service team a total of 1060 days, an increase of 52.52%; a total of three bags of fittings 1 million 998 thousand and 300 yuan, an increase of 86.93%; set up perfect quality feedback and processing system, and more stringent procurement and quality supervision and management system, gradually improve their development ability, eliminate product homogeneity and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and the core competitiveness of products.

Facing the future long-term planning, to the dietary supplement that said billion Jiadi Ao decided in five years time to achieve the core components of the production, development and processing, and has more than 200 horsepower models of R & D and production capacity, application and Realization of power shift and stepless speed change. In 2016, billion Jiadi Ao plan sales of various models of tractor 3000 units, sales exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the gradual development of 1804, 2004, 2304 models, also high-quality dealers will be developed to 200. In Xintang Diao pointed out that to enhance the competitiveness of the brand, mainly from the following aspects:

1, "Diao" brand tractor with product technology and continuously improve the management of enterprises, constantly improve the reliability. From the engine, transmission system, hydraulic system, electrical system and other chassis components reliability technology has been further developed. The establishment of covering parts of the workshop, the shape of the product for the protection of the development and appearance of perfect; and the safety of the cab, sealing, comfort for further improvement, so that the noise is greatly reduced. Gradually formed a brand in Jiangsu, Shandong, Jilin and some other areas.

In 2016 2, achieve 135 HP TF chassis series production and four regional marketing work. 2016-2018 established its own R & D core components in the 1504-2004 trial base, which gradually develops TG chassis models based on mature models. In the present TB80 series, TF series, TA120 series, TG120 series chassis products based on optimized structure (R & D power shift), combined with market demand and feedback are reasonable improvement, and constantly improve the product quality and brand influence.

3, based on the breakthrough of tractor production plant protection machinery machinery and tractor agricultural machinery supporting the implementation of product diversification.

Han Yongping, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Agricultural Bureau

Wu Zhaoming, executive chairman and Secretary General of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Industry Association

Speech by Mr Zhang Lezhou, deputy director of Weifang Municipal Bureau of agricultural machinery

Billion Jiadi production deputy general manager Bai Xinglai Ao "review of 2015 and 2016 announced new" report. "2015 is a year of rapid change in the overall quality of our overall quality and market awareness." Bai Xinglai sentence summary of the past year Ao billion Jiadi achievements. In 2016, the timely introduction of Ao billion Jiadi 1604, 1804, 2004, 2304 more horses also effective models, Bai Xinglai said.

Jiadi Ao billion sales Deputy General Manager Ma Shengtian in the report of the company in 2015 is summarized. Looking forward to 2016, Ma Shengtian said that the future of us is full of expectations for the agricultural industry's bright future full of confidence. Ma Shengtian in a comprehensive analysis of the current form of industry based on the said that in order to achieve the sales target in 2016, the company will be in the following aspects Kung Fu: one is to continue to expand the market share, pay sincere cooperation with the vast number of dealers, shoulder to shoulder hand in hand, to create a win-win situation; the second is to strengthen the management of product quality, continued to provide users with high-quality products; three is in an effort to improve service levels, to achieve rapid response, strong backing to do the dealers.

YITUO (Luoyang) deputy general manager of Diesel Engine Co. Ltd. Mr. Chang Yazhou speech

Wu Weiguo, director of Xuzhou Xu Round Rubber Co., Ltd.

YITUO (Luoyang) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. and Xuzhou rubber wheel Co., Ltd. as a supplier on behalf of speech on stage, they are certainly friendly cooperation in 2015 and billion Jiadi Ao, hope in the new year to promote the cooperation between each other, more on a layer of floor.

Beijing field data Technology Co., Ltd. is its letter loan in Zhongyuan Area Sales Manager Zhang Lin was invited to introduce letter loan business model to the guests. Zhang Lin first pointed out some practical problems existing in the agricultural industry, and then the letter loan business are introduced. Agricultural loans for the process is simple, the lender quickly, since its inception by the industry's consistent high praise, industry users provides a lot of money support.

The top ten gold dealers

The top ten gold dealers

The top ten Award for outstanding dealers

Best supplier

To thank the vast number of dealers, suppliers of billion Jiadi Ao support and development, business site also awarded "top ten dealers award 1 (prizes for Jianghuai refine the high-grade commercial)," top ten dealers silver two (prizes for Wuling Rongguang s high-end business car), top ten dealers seven (prizes for five furrow of hydraulic turnover plow) and top ten outstanding providers, 10 (prizes for high-grade leather box).

In January 14th, the company organized dealers and suppliers to travel to Taishan scenic spot.

By 2015, Ao Jiadi billion in the development of agricultural industry in the face of adversity fighting together, beyond the self, dream grow, 2016 billion Jiadi Ao will be in the new market opportunities to brave the wind and waves, march forward courageously. Dream together, work together and win-win, we sincerely hope that "Diao" brand in the new year can be made new achievements and the new breakthrough. The brand development of the Diao from not open agricultural industry leaders and experts of the care and guidance, is inseparable from the efforts of all the friends of the dealers, all suppliers friends support and trust with all Claire struggle. We sincerely hope that "Diao" brand continue to receive all the love and support; look forward to the future with all the leaders, experts and friends have more communication, better understanding and dream together, work together and win-win, realize new development "Diao" brand, new across. Sincerely hope that the partners can Jiadi billion Ao is growing stronger and the effort to contribute to the thriving and prosperous agricultural Chinese!

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