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Transmission maintenance of agricultural tractor

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Tractor is a common means of transport in rural areas of China, because of its own output performance in the rural areas of China's transport has been widely used. Although tractor has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, but due to the tractor for a long period of time in the complex environment area, if users choose to ignore the gearbox maintenance, easily lead to operation problems in the transmission, and accelerate the mechanical wear and tear, causing tractor fault and loss. So tractor gearbox of daily maintenance work and need to cause motorists pay attention to, to conduct regular maintenance of the gearbox of the tractor, prolong the service life of the tractor, make sure the driver in the use of process safety.

First, pay attention to the maintenance of tractor gearbox

1 regular inspection of tractor transmission

Regular maintenance of tractor gearbox is a very important link, any machinery manufacturing tools are required in the use of a period of time to maintain, in order to ensure its life. Every time you are finished using tractor needs careful examination to the gearbox and check the gear box oil level, and according to the actual situation of the tank refueling, inside the tank oil level is too low to the tank in a timely manner to fill, but also the need to refuel the ventilation hole plug for regular cleaning, make sure that the stomatal smooth ventilation.

2 regular cleaning gearbox, change gear oil

Regular cleaning of the gearbox is a very important work, increase the gear box and the lubrication of the gear, the appropriate to add to the gear box lubricating oil. Added to the diesel oil is the best replacement need before adding a new lubricating oil to the gear is clean, because the cleaning work is directly related to the transmission of life, just like a car driving certain kilometers after maintenance, tractors, also need to work 100 hours after the replacement of gear oil in gear oil on the tractor work for a period of time after the gearbox internal temperature is maintained at an appropriate interval, this time the gearbox used in gear oils are released, then adding a certain amount of diesel, and then let the tractor in low speed running 1 ~ 2 min, the gearbox all released to gearbox gear oil.

3 maintenance work after low temperature work

China northern winter temperature is low, in the low temperature, resulting in gear oil viscosity increase, and the lack of lubrication, cause parts wear intensifies even damage to parts and components, and metal parts will be affected by the expansion and contraction of the role of performance change, in this case if driving the tractor needed immediately to the gearbox maintenance to prevent damage to parts of the gear box.

4 correct driving tractor

Tractor at work if due to improper user mode of operation, the same will cause damage to the gearbox, so for tractor mode of operation must be standardized, specific need to do the following two points: (1) the tractor gear when do not overexert, once force too fierce to make gearbox internal disorder and may cause smash all the gears in the gearbox of the serious consequences; (2) tractor time not too long, when the transmission temperature rise suddenly, to timely stop cooling and inspect the gearbox, to see whether there is zero component failure, general under normal temperature of gearbox is not suddenly increased until hot.

Two, the transmission of the common problems of repair

1 tractor gear problems

Tractor gear problem is more common, can be repaired by the following aspects: (1) the clutch is not completely separated, the clutch will be completely separated after the re gear. (2) to wear degree of gear were carefully examined, the tractor gear principle is the gear of the continuous transformation process, the gear shaft gear when easily will appear the situation of the collision between the gear and the gear, once the collision times too much will cause cracks in gear, this time requires repair or replacement of the new gear of the gear. (3) if the tractor internal spring-loaded pressure is too large, it will make the shifting fork and a shifting fork shaft bearing pressure is too large and a certain degree of deformation, once the occurrence of deformation to replace spring, and the shifting fork and the shifting fork shaft is replaced, the work difficulty is increased. (4) to account for the effect of weather factors on the tractor, in the winter use tractors will due to lower temperature and the viscosity of gear oil increases, making between the gear and the gear combined together, which will gear to rotate the inconvenience to. Therefore, in the winter angels tractor to consider gear oil, the Hittites degree.

2 transmission abnormal sound problem

Generally under the transmission of sound is normal, if gearbox abnormal sound may is for the following reasons: (1) variable speed gear box oil reduced viscosity and can not meet the use requirements, the gear lubricating drops. Lead to gearbox sound anomalies, and immediately check gear oil amount, the amount of oil is too low on the filling; (2) when using gears, spline shaft, a rolling bearing parts for a long time, resulting in parts wear serious, easily lead to abnormal sound in the gearbox.

3 transmission leakage problems

Gearbox leakage problem for tractor performance directly impact: first if the fuel is insufficient, the cause of the lubrication can not meet the requirements, gear friction loss increases, so the gearbox oil to reasonable filling; the second bearing installation tightness adjustment incompatible and lead to gearbox leakage problem, through the same gearbox matching bearing, installation tightness appropriate, avoid because of too loose or too tight cause bearing runs smooth, aggravate of gear and bearing wear, resulting in increased loss of parts.

Transmission is an important part of the tractor, so for gearbox maintenance work must be doing a good job, the work effect has a direct influence on the tractor in normal operating conditions by for users with a certain degree of mechanical maintenance and repair technique, daily use on the tractor maintenance work, reduce the tractor damage and prolong the service life of the tractor.

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