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Tractor also has automatic block"

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Just the past six months, China Yituo "high power tractor power shift manufacturing technology joint research and development" project through the Ministry of science and technology of the acceptance of the expert group. High power tractor power shift as a mark in the history of the development of Chinese industrial tractor product, proving once again that the lug company in the big wheel tractor market leading position.

What is the significance of dynamic shift batch

From the point of view of tractor production platform, China first tractor through the gear sets, synchronizer to power reversing, power shift gradually upgrade and leap. But the power shift technology in China Yituo formed batch complete technology, regardless of the China first tractor or of agricultural machinery industry in China has far-reaching impact and significance. The project successfully passed the acceptance and application of results, will greatly shorten the gap between China's tractor industry and European advanced technology, and will fully promote the development of China's tractor technology.

China first tractor through the international scientific and technological cooperation and joint research and development, manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights of the high power tractor power shift, break through the bottleneck of tractor manufacturing high-end technology, for the manufacture of more advanced and high power tractor product provides a solid technical foundation, enable our tractor manufacturing technology in developed countries and shorten the gap of 8 to 10 years, to fill the domestic has the independent intellectual property rights of the high power tractor power shift manufacturing blank, the project has reached domestic leading level and international advanced level, broke the foreign manufacturing technology blockade.

YITUO market marketing researchers believe that with the speeding up of the process of Agricultural Mechanization in China, northeast and Xinjiang farm tractor power to] requirements continuously improve, 147 kW above the heavy tractor demand will continue to increase. In the field of more than 147 kilowatts of tractors, developed countries have generally use the power shift technology, can be a one-time completion of complex compound operation, greatly improve production efficiency. But the tractor power shift technology has long been monopolized by the international agricultural machinery giant, which led to the long-term dependence on the power of the tractor in china.

Chinese agricultural equipment manufacturing as the industry leader, China Yituo from 2007 began to cooperate with foreign advanced R & D institutions, aimed at the world's advanced level of technology, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the tractor power shift, the international giants to break the monopoly of the field, this is China Yituo mission is the responsibility of China first tractor.

An automatic tractor that can be bought by a farmer

According to the delayed the project team of experts, high power tractor power shift image said, is this technology before the "manual transmission" upgraded to "automatic", the operation easier and more convenient.

Oriental red power shift Series Tractor with a button control, without the clutch can be easy to shift, reduce the shift down time, work efficiency can be increased by 10% ~ 20%. This series of products is also equipped with automatic fault diagnosis system, elevator control, driving brake, seat control both the application of electronic control technology, convenient operation, high safety, optional GPS navigation and automatic production management system and reversing video systems, improve the level of intelligence. Drive luxury interior not only an external circulation heating and air conditioning systems, is arranged in the front and rear wipers, auxiliary seat, audio, a combination of instruments, skylights and monitoring system, and the use of electronically controlled air suspension seat, the user can easily adjust all aspects of domestic agricultural products using high technology products with the most. Overall, the power shift series products are a full range of grades upgrade and upgrade.

It is understood, in developed countries has been widely used for tractor power shift, compared to the current Chinese commonly used mechanical gearshift products, tractor power shift operations more efficient, more convenient operation, more comfortable driving, more energy saving and environmental protection. But on the one hand, the price of imported products is too high, service is not convenient, product variety.

Start a drag in 2007 and foreign advanced R & D institutions jointly developed with independent intellectual property rights of La and LZ series tractor power shift, 2012, covering 200 to 300 horsepower section Dongfanghong LZ series tractor power shift achieve sales market.

Because most of China's arable land is still relatively fragmented, the eastern red LZ series power shift tractor due to higher horsepower, more suitable for Northeast China, northwest and other large farms need. However, the series of products due to high horsepower, high prices, for most Chinese farmers, is still expected to be". After the acquisition of the mic France 2010 Yituo actively on the technology integration, to lug French company produces the power shift transmission system supporting the original Dongfanghong tractor machine technology, R & D 90 horsepower to 220 horsepower Dongfanghong lf series tractor power shift.

It is understood, China Yituo upgrade to promote the transformation of the agricultural machinery industry in China, made farmers could afford to buy the tractor power shift, mass market Oriental red lf series tractor power shift in market prices will not too high. "The market price of the product is only slightly higher than that of the mechanical shift products of the same power. Through the introduction of the east red LF series power shift tractor, we hope that China's more ordinary users to enjoy the convenience brought about by advanced technology." A responsible person said.

The process behind the responsibility is tortuous

Is a responsibility behind a large number of technical personnel of scientific research workers pay unremittingly.

In March 2011, China Yituo successfully acquired the Italian Argo group's production tractor power shift transmission factory in France, and the establishment of Yituo (France) agricultural equipment Co., Ltd.. This is the first case of cross-border acquisitions of agricultural machinery enterprises in china.

After the completion of the acquisition, China Yituo quickly start to French companies drive technology development and application, and sent the R & D team to set up R & D center in France, and strive to in the shortest time to complete the French company transmission system and domestic and foreign tractor machine matching, the development of China and the European market for models.

The LF series is a tractor joint-stock company new product development focus. In order to complete the work according to the node, R & D team members only a week's time, will be a clear understanding of the delayed French company TX4A transmission system structure, principle, function, etc., formed a set of technical documents. At the end of 2011 5 completed the data collection and transmission system of TX4A machine specifications, supporting the engine, the front drive axle and other parts of the data collection. After that, the R & D team and in less than 4 months, in September 2011 completed the trial for the preparation of technical documents and cleanliness index, important parts list etc..

Designers of the first car assembly of the entire track and problem analysis of common solutions to common, the first car with a month's time already assembled, to the rear of the vehicle assembly time is greatly shortened.

At the end of 2012 5, the R & D team completed the trial of LF2204 prototype, and time will be No. 1 and No. 2 prototype sent to Austria AVL company TCU software development. Completed in October 3 prototype TCU1 calibration. November to complete the overall performance test at the national quality inspection center of the tractor, the performance meets the requirements.

It is reported that one of the highlights of LF2204 project is, is used to drag the French company TX4A transmission system, Dongfeng Cummins QSB6.7 electronic control engine, Carraro front drive bridge and Bosch Rexroth electric lifting system of domestic and foreign advanced and mature technical components and, to the greatest extent reduces the development cycle and risk, product quickly towards the market has played a positive role, at the same time, it also realizes the application platform of internationalization of the parts.

Due to seasonal and regional special tractor test, according to the conventional reliability test is expected to take a year and a half of the time. In order to as soon as possible the sophisticated products onto the market, R & D personnel plan with site simulation test instead of field operation test scheme, which can under the precondition of guaranteeing the test result, make the product time to market a year ahead of schedule.

In December 2012, 3 in the prototype technology center pilot to conduct reliability test. Site simulation test including road test and Simulation of traction test and Simulation of dynamic output test, simulate the tractor farm implements more ditch obstacle test special testing, each test R & D team are stationed hand tracking service, collect test problems first hand data, the entire R & D team on these issues timely analysis and solution.

In the testing process, a weekly meeting and on-site tracking system, to analyze and solve the problems, to ensure that the test schedule and drawing synchronism is improved, to ensure that each work according to the node.

Dongfanghong LF2204 has been declared a patent is with completely independent intellectual property of 220 horsepower high power wheel tractors of high-end products, marketed may replace import the big power tractor power shift, need to meet the northeast and Xinjiang large farms and high-end customers.

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