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Maintenance technology of three farm tractor

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Tractor hydraulic suspension system can be divided into three types: namely split hydraulic system, semi split hydraulic system and the whole hydraulic system.

The correct use of split type hydraulic system operating device

Ascension, will enhance the position of the handle plate to should be immediately let go, in the tools to enhance the highest position, so that automatically jump back to a neutral position of the handle.

Decline in agricultural implements or tools for the implementation of the height regulation of farming, should handle plate to a floating position, distribution valve in a floating position, not automatically jump back to a neutral position.

Strong role in lowering the double acting cylinder is a unique role in general as a transition state penetrating use. Should not be forced down the location of the handle in strong long stay, or forced to drop tools, from the top of the tractor, would enable the cylinder cover Earrings suffered tension and fracture.

General should not use neutral farming, because this is a disguised form of adjustment. It makes the high pressure hose to bear the additional burden greatly, easy to damage the hose.

When the handle from a pull the position to another position, in between the two should not be stayed, otherwise the pump to oil poor because of the way out, resulting in overload.

Half split hydraulic system controls the proper use of

Manipulation of the handle to the right to use. When regulating the use of force farming, should first adjust the handle is arranged in the raised position, determine the tools to enhance the height adjustment handle is located by the position of the raised position, only the use of power tools adjustment handle lifting. By choosing suitable test plow tillage depth, should be immediately blocked by positioning handwheel force adjusting handle, handle to ensure each passage to the same location, the depth of each agreement under the plough.

When the regulate the use of digital work, should first adjust the force handle placed in the highest position to upgrade, only the use of a regulating handle lifting tools, implements a lowered position and a raised position is selected, respectively, using the handwheel positioning to the regulating handle positioning.

When hoisting tools for long distance transport will be increased to transport the location of tools, the application of positioning the handle to lock the handle, should also will decrease the speed of adjustment screw hand wheel in the end, cylinder row road blocked oil, farm tools had been locked in the transport position, in order to avoid accidental negligence by pulling the handle caused the accident.

When no hydraulic pressure lose hill, prohibit the position adjustment handle into the hydraulic output area, often in order to avoid safety valve open, causing pump wear and power loss.

The correct use of integrated hydraulic system control device

The overall hydraulic system is the hydraulic system of the power part, control part and working part of hydraulic components are installed in a shell, the formation of a hydraulic system. It does not have a separate fuel tank, the oil is used in the rear axle gear oil.

The lifting tools. The fan-shaped plate on the outside handle is fixed in the shallow and deep regions, where the handle to the sector plate quick word position, rapid decline in agricultural implements. If the plate to the location of slow, slow decline in agricultural implements. In different locations will handle on sector plate or a drop zone, the tools to maintain the appropriate height in the different.

When the handle is forced to adjust the tillage, the handle is selected to be suitable for the falling speed in a fast slow section, and the outer handle can select the desired depth of Tillage in a shallow section. After the plough, the plough in the fall head, only in the lifting handle, an outer handle generally will not make a big change.

When using the position adjusting operation, the handle is operated in a descending section, and the outer handle should be placed in the lower position of the sector plate.

Hoisting tools for land transfer, where the handle should be placed in the highest position to upgrade, and by positioning handwheel lock, so that tools to maintain in the transport position. The outer handle should be in a shallow section. Not the two handles dragged to the top, because at this time, the outer handle in the location of the hydraulic output and distribution of valve can not return to the neutral position, the result will force the safety valve open.

When using the hydraulic output, the handle should be fast in a slow speed, the choice of a good fall speed. Pulled apart the top of the handle for the location of the hydraulic output, if the outside handle slightly pushed forward, namely split a neutral state of the fuel tank, if the outside handle more goes forward, split cylinder dropping process.

When not to use the hydraulic pump should be from the hydraulic pump eccentric shaft clutch handle is moved to the position, in order to avoid idling pump caused unnecessary wear of precision parts. When the clutch handle of the eccentric shaft of the hydraulic pump is operated, the clutch must be stepped to the end.

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