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How to start the tractor in winter

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How to start the tractor in winter

1. Start preheating the engine and oil bottom shell oil, a few laps force crank crankshaft, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and cylinder get sufficient lubrication.

2 gasoline engine starts, to 2 ~ 3G from the upper part of the cylinder gasoline oil outlet with starter.

3 if you start a number of unsuccessful, combustion chamber oil will increase, start more difficult, then the valve should be opened, turning the crankshaft to discharge oil, and to identify if there is no other fault before starting.

4 it is strictly prohibited to use the landslide or other locomotives to start.

5 the use of electric flame preheater, to always check its technical state, to prevent the valve core and the hole in the use of damage, loose and deformation caused by "speed"".

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