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Tractor winter use matters needing attention

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In the northern region of our country, especially the low air temperature in winter in the northeast area, exclusion of fuel oil and lubricating oil is larger, start and lubrication of the tractor are more difficult, and the cooling water has frozen risk node. Snow slippery roads, poor road conditions, to the driver to drive a tractor to bring some difficulties. In order to ensure the normal operation of the tractor in the winter, improve the use efficiency, therefore, the use of tractors in winter, should pay attention to the following matters.

1 good seasonal maintenance work

Before the arrival of winter, the coping tractor for a thorough change garments according to the maintenance, careful inspection and maintenance of the tractor oil, water and circuit, enable tractors to reach three three-way does not leak, through oil, through waterways, circuit, not leaking, no leakage, no leakage, to ensure the normal starting of the engine, running performance is good.

2 proper use of fuel oil and lubricating oil

(1) the correct use of fuel. Tractor use of diesel grades should be based on local temperature to decide, the lower the temperature of the diesel freezing point lower, in order to ensure the smooth flow of tractor oil, start and run the normal. General selection of freezing point is lower than the local minimum temperature of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, such as the local minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, can be selected - 10 diesel; minimum temperature at - 5 ~ 10 degrees, can be used - 20 diesel.

(2) the proper use of lubricating oil. Winter due to low temperature, the increasing degree of oil Hector, liquidity variation, to the starting of the engine and the parts of lubrication difficulties, so in a timely manner to the summer of 11 oil changed to winter with 8 oil. Transmission and oil pan should be replaced with 11 diesel engine oil or 20 gear oil.

3 matters that should be paid attention to when the tractor starts

(1) pre heating. Start preheating before should be divided into two times, first adds 70 to 80 degrees of hot water and open drain switch, measuring the temperature of water released by hand, when the water temperature reaches about 40 DEG C, adds more than 90 DEG C hot water to start the engine. Note that the first water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees, in order to avoid the cooler, body, cylinder head and other parts in high temperature and burst. Taboo open flame roast car, open flame roast the car is not only easy to burn the circuit, the deterioration of oil, poor lubrication, and may make the oil bottom shell burst.

(2) without preheat and forced to start or start without cooling water, the piston, the cylinder liner temperature surge strain cylinder may also adds the cold induced crack of cylinder liner. It is not the right way to start with a tractor or a slide way. It should be avoided. Do not immediately after the start of the operation, it should be low speed operation for some time, so that the engine fully pre heating, the water temperature of 40 degrees to the top can be started, the temperature reached 60 degrees Celsius in order to load operation.

(3) avoid adding water after the engine is started. In the winter due to stop cooling water is already dry, after starting the tractor parts quickly warming, then if all of a sudden to the radiator water, make, cylinder block, cylinder head, radiators and other parts from cracking, deformation of the piston and connecting rod.

(4) avoid starting before filling the cylinder with oil, gasoline. Before starting to inject oil into the cylinder, it is easy to form a large amount of carbon deposition, which affects the service life of the valve mechanism and crank link mechanism.

(5) do not remove the air filter, ignition. Some drivers when the tractor can not start, with a cloth dipped in diesel ignition, this will make outside dust is directly sucked into the cylinder. Also in ignition process of unburned cloth will also being sucked people stay at the valve will not only cause serious carbon deposition, the acceleration of the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner etc. parts wear, but also lead to the valve is not tightly closed, the next time the engine start more difficult.

(6) do not start at small nozzle pressure. Adjusting the pressure of the small fuel injection head can reduce the range of the fuel injection, the bad atomization, and the increase of the carbon deposition.

(7) avoid sliding slope start. Sliding slope start is the tractor parked on the slope, start, the first clutch, when the tractor reaches a certain speed down clutch to start the engine. This startup mode as the engine without preheating, poor lubrication, wear and tear parts will increase.

(8) avoid Trailer start. When the tractor starts, the use of other vehicles forced to start, not only will exacerbate the wear and tear of the transmission mechanism and running, but also prone to two car collision accident.

4 matters needing attention in tractor driving

(1) inspection before the road. In winter, easy windows frost on the ice block the driver's line of sight. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the windscreen and side windows out of the outlet, the rear window heater and other equipment in good condition. The driver must be on the road to the clutch, the steering system, the brake system and lighting and signal devices for a careful inspection, and try to step on several times, and then confirm everything is normal, before driving.

(2) the tractor should pay attention to the non slip. After the snow in winter, some of the snow on the road is not cleared in time and compacted, and some even have the icing on the road. If the driver is not operating properly, it will cause the tractor skid phenomenon. Therefore, tractor in this road, the driver must pay attention to the speed stable, the operation should be properly, in driving time allowed can keep the tractor driving uniform, and to increase and the vehicle in front of the distance, in order to avoid the emergency needs to slam on the brakes when two cars collide, causing unnecessary losses.

5 parking should pay attention to matters

Tractor should be parked in the garage as far as possible, so that it can prevent the wind blowing, sun, frozen, and can effectively reduce the risk of tractor theft. When stopping halfway, should choose a good parking place, select the flat, solid, reliable ground parking. If the expected parking time is longer, should also put a net cooling water, so water ice in the machine and mechanical damage. Tractor without antifreeze, to put the cooling water at night. The water temperature should be reduced to 60 DEG C below the water, otherwise easy to cause damage to the body or head of deformation. When the water is discharged to open the tank cover and all the water switch, after release, and then rotate the crankshaft turns to the cooling water discharged. For a long time to stop the car, the tractor for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.

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