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  • Tractor winter use matters needing attention2016-04-09

    In the northern region of our country, especially the low air temperature in winter in the northeast area, exclusion of fuel oil and lubricating oil is larger, start and lubrication of the tractor are

  • How to start the tractor in winter2016-04-09

    How to start the tractor in winter1. Start preheating the engine and oil bottom shell oil, a few laps force crank crankshaft, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and cylinder get sufficient lubrication

  • Present situation and development trend of tractor industry2016-04-09

    The 15th Party Congress put forward "in the middle of the next century, the basic realization of the goal of modernization". Our country as a developing agricultural country, the realization of agricu

  • Maintenance technology of three farm tractor2016-04-09

    Tractor hydraulic suspension system can be divided into three types: namely split hydraulic system, semi split hydraulic system and the whole hydraulic system.The correct use of split type hydraulic s

  • Tractor also has automatic block"2016-04-09

    Just the past six months, China Yituo "high power tractor power shift manufacturing technology joint research and development" project through the Ministry of science and technology of the acceptance

  • Transmission maintenance of agricultural tractor2016-04-09

    Tractor is a common means of transport in rural areas of China, because of its own output performance in the rural areas of China's transport has been widely used. Although tractor has the advanta

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